The Era Of EDM Magazine | November 2016

*Tour Dates For: Safe In Sound, Marshmello, Getter; Celebrate Five Years with OWSLA & Catch Music From Artists Across The Board + Wealthiest DJs of 2016*

The Era Of EDM Magazine’s November 2016 Issue:


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The Era Of EDM Magazine’s November 2016 Issue: Table of Contents

04: The Weeknd with Daft Punk
06: Cold Water Remixes
08: Marshmello’s 40 Stop Tour
10: Five Years Of OWSLA
18: Forbes Power Players
20: Safe In Sound Music Festival
24: Prospects: Just A Gent
26: Getter “Wat The Frick”

The Era Of EDM Magazine’s August 2016 Synopsis:


The Weeknd with Daft Punk’s collaboration on “Starboy” plus featured music video and their potential second collaborative work together.

Major Lazer’s “Cold Water Remixes” from artists including: Lost Frequencies, Ocular, Delirious & Alex K, Boombox Cartel, Afrojack + more.

Marshmello’s Global 40 Stop Tour in Asia, India and the United States + a big act of philanthropy.

We’re celebrating five years of OWSLA and cheering to 500 more.

Forbes power players. Top ten wealthiest DJs of 2016. Who?

The traveling fall music festival, “Safe In Sound” featuring Borgore, Zomboy, Terravita, Boombox Cartel, Brillz and so many more. West Coast to East Coast.

Producer to watch: Just A Gent. After just releasing album, “Stories To Tell” – the UK DJ & producer announced his stateside tour.

Wat the frick? Catch Getter’s v-logs of his title tour “Wat The Frick”.

Gemini releases his EP, “Wanderlust” after returning from a self discovery project. This is a much different pace than we are used to from him.


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